Next Generation Hi-Visibility Workwear All Made From 100% Post Consumer Recycled Material

Why purchase an OccuNomix Sustainable Safety Product?

By purchasing these more environmentally friendly products you’re contributing to reducing pollution and the harmful impact production has on human health and our planet.

Benefits of Recycled Products:

  • OccuNomix Sustainable Safety Products are made from recycled PET bottles, requiring 79% less energy to produce compared to traditional raw materials [1]
  • OccuNomix Sustainable Safety Products are all made with a minimum of 12 recycled bottles each, which means producing 1 garment alone saves enough energy to power a laptop for at least 30 hours! [2]
  • OccuNomix Sustainable Safety Products creates an alternative for the 91% of PET bottles that end up in our landfills. [3]

recycling process