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TechNiche Heating & Cooling

OccuNomix would like to formally announce its acquisition of TechNiche LLC. The two companies are both leaders in the heat stress market and now we have combined our strengths to better service our customers with the highest quality products.

TechNiche is known for its innovative designs and proprietary cooling technologies as well as manufacturing and distributing cooling apparel PPE to industrial, sports and healthcare markets. OccuNomix has one of the original and most extensive offerings of heat stress accessories for the head, neck, and body. Absorbing TechNiche's line of cooling products into OccuNomix now makes it even easier to keep you safe seen and comfortable on any job!

OccuNomix now offers a wider variety of products utilizing TechNiche cooling technologies, like HyperKewl™ PLUS, which delivers superior evaporative cooling in the only machine washable cooling fabric on the market. HyperKewl™ PLUS comes in ranger hats, hard hat crown coolers and even neck shade products the OccuNomix has always been known for. In addition, OccuNomix incorporates TechNiche's proprietary Phase Change material mix into all their cooling vests. Finally, OccuNomix has access to TechNiche proprietary manufacturing facilities and expert cooling knowledge to keep our distributor partners supplied with the best that a heat stress company can offer.

OccuNomix is committed to making workplaces safer, and with this acquisition of TechNiche LLC we can now offer the safety industry's most diverse product line of heat stress related technologies.

Reach out to your local sales rep for more information on the newly added TechNiche line of Heat Stress technologies, or view the products, by category, below.

We look forward to continue keeping you safe, seen, and prepared for whatever job comes your way!

The OccuNomix Team