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Belt Buckle Scratch Guard - Black

Part Number: 562

<div class="alt-part-number"> 562</div> Whether you wear a simple belt buckle or proudly sport the name of your motorbike, your belt buckle might be costing your employers or your home projects time and money, trying to buff out the blemishes made from your belt buckle. Prevent those annoying oopses with the a simple yet effective OccuNomix Belt Buckle Scratch Guard. Sold in packs of 12 Nylon outer; polyesterfoam and lining.

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Ring Scratch Guard - Navy

Part Number: 560

<div class="alt-part-number"> 560</div> If you don't want to lose, or can't take off your valuable ring, don't worry.OccuNomix Ring Scratch Guard will keep your ring, your finger and your work protected. Made of Nylon and Spandex with no silicone. Sold in Packs of 12

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Watch Guard-Black

Part Number: 561

<div class="alt-part-number"> 561</div> Protect both your work and your watch crystal with the OccuNomix Watch Scratch Guard. For workers who need to know what time it is, now you can avoid costly scratches. Made of PVC and Polyester, with no silicone. Sold in Packs of 12

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