OccuNomix is a leading designer and manufacturer of personal safety equipment for people all over the world.

Our products can protect you from workplace accidents and the discomforts and dangers of hot, cold, or rainy environments, and help employers meet OSHA regulations for industrial safety. Our products are also enjoyed by millions of people engaged in sports and hobbies and are used for the relief of many types of aches and pains.

OccuNomix has been engineering ergonomic work gear for over 35 years starting with supports, head protection as well as gear bags. Gear is where our knowledge of the body at work allows us to engineer products that help workers ergonomically, some even for temperature regulation, to get through the job. We build these features into our gear so you can work longer and stay comfortable. Providing innovation in ergonomic supports and prevention products, OccuNomix has a broad selection of back supports and wrist supports. Our OccuMitts® support gloves are perfect for the workplace, great as hobby gloves and have been used worldwide by arthritis sufferers for hand pain relief.

All OccuNomix High Visibility apparel is third party tested to meet full compliance with all current ANSI/ISEA standards set to keep you safe and seen on the job. Our High Visibility Vests are made to keep going. We use color fast coloring, fabrics and stitching that fight tearing and ripping that commonly happen on the job. Our High Visibility T-Shirts are made with a lighter weight and wicking fabric, helping to keep you cooler and providing additional protection from the sun. In our High Visibility Outwear selection we use only the best fabrics to provide you with the best protection to outlast even the most brutal work environments. Our High Visibility Rainwear is designed with laminated membranes and sealed seams to keep you dry to ASTM E96 standards while building in durability and superior performance with the fabrics and construction methods we use.

OccuNomix is committed to making workplaces safer, and with its acquisition of TechNiche LLC in 2018 we can now offer the safety industry’s most diverse product line of heat stress related technologies. TechNiche is known for its innovative designs and proprietary cooling technologies as well as manufacturing and distributing cooling apparel PPE to industrial, sports and healthcare markets. OccuNomix has one of the original and most extensive offerings of heat stress accessories for the head, neck, and body. Absorbing TechNiche's line of cooling products into OccuNomix now makes it even easier to keep you safe, seen and comfortable on any job! Cooling PPE we offer includes cooling bandanas, terry headbands, disposable sponge sweatbands and cooling vests.

OccuNomix also designs products that address the highly varying weather conditions of the winter months. From slightly chilly to extreme cold temperatures OccuNomix knows how the cold weather can affect the working body, and we have what you need to remain warm, safe, and productive on the job.

OccuNomix offers a wide variety of Flame Resistant apparel and PPE designed to be worked in, providing color fastness and durability. Our FR goes through arc and flame resistance testing, and with third party certification you know you’re outfitted with the best, keeping you safe on the job.